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I’m Kat Stevens, Fertility Therapist, Advocate and Educator.

You’d think going to your doctor because you are not getting pregnant, would result in getting help wouldn’t you? Sadly the Fertility medical model is that  you need to keep on trying for 6-12 months before any tests can be performed. These tests only serve to signpost you to different fertility treatments, which may not be necessary and may not work.

The thing is the reasons you are not getting pregnant may be small, but added together become huge. But you’re not told this.  You are left anxious, afraid and at a loss of what to do.

Help is here. I’m Kat Stevens, founder of Fertility rewire and I’ve been helping couples get answers, get pregnant and stay pregnant for over 12 years.

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About Kat

I’m Kat, Fertility Therapist, Educator and Podcast Host.

My Passion is that you have all the information you need to get pregnant and stay pregnant. It’s not as easy as you were lead to believe and the emotional pain, guessing, anguish and lack of medical support and information is ever present for so many, and for so many a secret pain.

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