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I’m Kat Stevens, Fertility Coach.  What makes me a coach? I’m an ergonomist with experience in change management, a fertility practitioner, Mindfulness teacher, Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach and a science geek.  

What I love about our ‘traditional medicines’ is finding the science behind it, and believe me, its there!

I am the founder of Fertility Rewire, a method based on a Mind and Body Approach built around the fundamental facts that ensure survival of a species.

I’m passionate about educating couples about the science behind Fertility, the intrinsic design and how we can revert back to factor setting via the physical and psychological.

We rely too much on the modern healthcare system and looking outwardly, where as an inward look into the actual design is empowering and I feel it’s a secret that isn’t being shared. Its something that can be used within he health care system too, natural and assisted fertility are not exclusive off each other.

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Looking into what you can do to improve fertility is overwhelming, there is so much information, and a desperate need to fix it.

It may be time to just stop, breathe and checking with what your body is designed to do.

While working with fertility clients I realised that we needed to just step out of the newtonian model of health care, and look inwardly at how ho bodies are designed, what role the mind plays and what was the primal drive and systems


Is your dream of being a parent fading, but the desire is all consuming, and you are disillusioned with all the advice out there?

Are you desperate to know whats causing it, so that you can fix it?

Perhaps it all seems so unfair?

A wide range of  feelings come from the thoughts that fill our brains and it can seem too much. I know, and I want to help.

Want to look at what signs your body might be giving you about your Fertility?

Would you like to book a FREE 20 minute discovery call to discuss how I may be able to help you, or point you to where may help you?

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